miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

Who am I?

Here is another little project I have been working on, this time using my own illustrations and basing them on a series of different textures. 
The poem plays a game with the small children that listen to it: Who am I? Can you guess? A little surprise awaits them at the end!

viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

I Had a Dream

I had a dream is my first published book! 

It features a little girl who has the most bizzare and fun dreams! She loves going to bed at night, because that's when anything can happen!

For sale at: https://www.amazon.es/I-had-dream-Emily-Juett/dp/0368812944?ref_=mw_olp_product_details

Can I get a pet?

Billy wants a pet. Desperately! And not just any pet... He likes the kind of animals his mum and dad would never allow in the house. But Billy must keep trying...

Can I get a pet crab?
It’ll be tricky to grab
But I’ll wear a thick glove
We’ll play games I love
And I’ll make it feel just fab!

Don’t be silly, Billy!
Crabs aren’t good pets
They have big sharp claws
And don’t live indoors
It would scratch all my beautiful floors!


Can I get a pet bee?
It’ll come to school with me!

I’ll show it good tricks
Like fetching a stick
It’ll be amazing to see!

Don’t be silly, Billy!
Bees aren’t good pets…
They can’t fetch a thing
You’ll find it boring
And if they get angry they sting!

Fragment of unpublished poem Can I get a pet? by Emily Juett

Good friends

Good friends listen 
to what you have to say.
Good friends hug you 
on a bad day.

When you’re feeling lonely, 
they’re there to make you better.
When you’re far away, 
they’ll send a caring letter.

When you’re having problems, 
they’ll help you clear your mind.
When you’ve lost your path, 
a way they’ll help you find.

Fragment of unpublished poem Good friends, by Emily Juett.

Book recommendations

OLD BEAR, by Jane Hissey

There is a beautiful collection of books featuring Old Bear, the wisest and most cuddly character. Lovely stories that will engage kids with cute and funny pictures. 
I used to love listening to these at bedtime!


A funny and original story that can serve as a great resource to introduce topics such as self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem amongst small children.

 ESIO TROT, by Roald Dahl

 This is a great one for kids to read on their own. It's simple, funny and memorable, like most of Roald Dahl's children's books.

OVER THE RAINBOW, by Judy Collins

 Children love the gorgeous pictures in this book! It's proven to be a fantastic way to calm little ones down, especially if you sing it instead of reading it!

IMAGINE, by John Lennon & Jean Jullien

I've used Imagine to raise a complex topic such as world peace amongst very young children as well as to address the smallest of conflicts in the classroom. After reading it, you can play the song while you show the kids the pictures. 
A lovely debate will follow, that's for sure!

THE CAT IN THE HAT, by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books are amazing when learning about rhyme, but really, any time is good to read this to children. The stories are hilarious, clever and easy to read, so it's a great start for children that are ready to read independently.

THE MR. MEN COLLECTION, by Roger Hargreaves

I think nothing's been more popular in my 3 to 6 classroom! Engaging short stories with a great range of vocabulary. Get ready for some giggling!