miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2019

My Super project - Phonic Reading Collection

The following is part of a project I have been working on for the past years. It is a Phonic Reading Collection based on phonetic knowledge and aimed at children in the process of learning how to read in English.

Rats in a bed? In a cup? In a bin? In a jug? And why is that rat using a pen? Anything can happen to these rats, as long as they're in, on or using a three-letter phonetic word!

Look at that crab, minding its own business. That boy stolling about likes the look of it, so he puts it in a bucket. But, oh dear, the bucket drops and off the crabs go! They don't look very pleased with this boy... He'd better run! A funny crab story to teach us phonetic words with over 3 letters, as well as double consonants!

Aidan is a happy snail. Well, more or less. He is so small, people keep stepping on his tail! Poor Aidan... But he has an interesting idea! How about painting his tail and turning into a rainbow snail? No one will step on him then, and I bet you all we'll learn the ai sound perfectly thanks to our clever friend!

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