viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

Can I get a pet?

Billy wants a pet. Desperately! And not just any pet... He likes the kind of animals his mum and dad would never allow in the house. But Billy must keep trying...

Can I get a pet crab?
It’ll be tricky to grab
But I’ll wear a thick glove
We’ll play games I love
And I’ll make it feel just fab!

Don’t be silly, Billy!
Crabs aren’t good pets
They have big sharp claws
And don’t live indoors
It would scratch all my beautiful floors!


Can I get a pet bee?
It’ll come to school with me!

I’ll show it good tricks
Like fetching a stick
It’ll be amazing to see!

Don’t be silly, Billy!
Bees aren’t good pets…
They can’t fetch a thing
You’ll find it boring
And if they get angry they sting!

Fragment of unpublished poem Can I get a pet? by Emily Juett

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